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Some good news for the E6 Connect users out there.

The highly-anticipated E6 Apex visual update for the E6 golf simulator software is on the horizon, set to bring a significant enhancement to the user experience. This update will introduce cutting-edge graphics and realistic visuals that promise to elevate the virtual golfing experience to new heights. Players can expect improved environmental details, enhanced lighting effects, and more lifelike animations that will create a truly immersive and engaging gameplay environment. With E6 Apex, golf enthusiasts can look forward to a state-of-the-art virtual golfing experience that mirrors the realism and excitement of playing on a real course. Stay tuned for further updates as the launch of E6 Apex draws near!

From their Q&A section:
  • Q - When Will E6 APEX Be Available?
    A - E6 APEX will be available for PC users starting March 2024.
  • Q - How Much Will E6 APEX Cost?
    A - E6 APEX will initially be available as part of the E6 CONNECT Basic or Expanded Subscription.
  • Q - What is included with E6 APEX?
    A - E6 APEX will initially include its Driving Range and Bag Mapping features with the Basic or Expanded Subscription. Course Play will be available later.
  • Q - Where Do I Buy E6 APEX?
    A - E6 APEX and E6 CONNECT Subscriptions can be purchased from our online webstore.
Details can be found from their official website: https://trugolf.com/pages/e6-apex
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