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Re-grip, shaft prep and trim, caddying, any service related to golf.
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🏌️⛳️ Refresh Your Game with Our Re-Gripping Service! ⛳️🏌️

Is your golf game feeling a bit off? It could be time to give your trusty clubs a makeover! Introducing my re-gripping service, designed to elevate your performance on the course.

🔧 Why Re-Grip? 🔧

Over time, the grips on your golf clubs can wear down, impacting your swing and control. By re-gripping your clubs, you can regain that like-new feel and ensure a more consistent and comfortable grip every time you step up to the ball.

💼 How It Works 💼

Simply bring in your new grips and clubs to my shop, and I will work my magic. Before you know it, your clubs will be fresh and ready to help you achieve your best game yet! Please note that I do not keep the old grips, I cut them off and throw them into the garbage.

🏆 Results You Can Feel 🏆

Many golfers are amazed at the difference re-gripping can make to their game. Improved grip can lead to more confidence, better control, and ultimately, lower scores on the scorecard. Don't let worn-out grips hold you back – invest in your game and see the results for yourself!

📆 Book Your Re-Gripping Appointment Today! 📆

Ready to take your game to the next level? Contact me using this forum post to schedule your re-gripping service and get ready to experience the difference it can make on the course. Your clubs will thank you, and your fellow golfers might just be asking for your secret to success!

I'm in the Ottawa area.
I accept cash and e-transfers.
I charge $5 per club for the service if I have to remove the old grip and tape.
I charge $3 per club for the service if you remove the old grip and tape before showing up.
I can usually get them done same day from drop off.
It takes less then an hour depending on what tape was previously used and how hard it is to remove the old stuff.
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